Bloggers And Politics

Journalist (and blogger) Cathy Seipp hosted a panel on on bloggers and politics for the L.A. Press Club last night. Mack Reed at LAVoice has a pretty complete transcript of the event. Here is his description of the panel:

  • Moderator, journalist, blogger and former Buzz queen Cathy Seipp
  • Matt Welch, veteran blogger and journalist
  • Charles Johnson, editor of the fiery anti-terrorist blog LittleGreenFootballs
  • Kevin Drum, former author of Calpundit and now blogger of the Washington Monthly’s Political Animal
  • Roger L. Simon, mystery novelist and screenwriter who took up blogging to promote a book ("I haven’t written a novel or a screenplay since!" he jokes upon introduction.)
  • Sassy Republican Moxie, who Seipp said "represents the 20% of women bloggers"
  • And Slate political pundit Mickey Kaus

Find out what they had to say.

JournalCon 2004 (this year it’s in DC) will be having a similar panel.

Other coverage: Sean Bonner, Cathy”s daughter Cecile DuBois, Amy Alkon.

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