What are the odds?

Apparently Michael Moore really did interview Nick Berg.

Berg says he’s concerned about safety in Iraq on Michael Moore footage

In a 16-minute interview shot for Michael Moore’s latest film, slain American Nicholas Berg said he was nervous about the security situation in Iraq as he prepared to travel there as an independent businessman, Berg’s family said Saturday.

Moore’s crew shot the footage at an Iraqi business conference in Arlington, Va., on Dec. 4, brother David Berg said. Nicholas Berg’s decapitated body was found in Baghdad on May 8, and a video of his killing was posted on an Islamic militant Web site several days later.

Moore on Thursday confirmed he had footage of Berg _ shot for the anti-President Bush film “Fahrenheit 9/11” _ but said he would share it only with the family.

For being 23 years old, Nick berg got around.

First the password, then the beheading, now this! What are the odds a 23 year old would have 3 separate encounters with known terrorist leaders?

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Yeah, I called Michael Moore a terrorist leader… Untwist your panties and get over it!

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