War Crimes, Live

(Courtesy Littlegreenfootballs)

With all the hullabaloo about Abu Ghraib Prison, apparently a much more flagrant war crime is being overlooked. Reuters recorded this video back on May 11, but hasn’t found the time to release it.

Click here, then click on the video link for the top story on the right — “UN AMBULANCES CARRY GUNS, NOT PATIENTS” and watch.

That’s right. Armed Palestinian “militants” staging an attack, then fleeing in a United Nations ambulance. An ambulance, complete with markings, flashing red lights, sirens, and a big old UN flag flying mounted on the front fender.

A few days ago Israel stated that the Palestinians had used UN ambulances to transport the bodies of slain Israeli Defense Forces troops, along with armed “militants.” The UN’s Relief and Works Agency Commissioner Peter Hansen indignantly denied the charges, and demanded proof.

Mr. Hansen, here is your proof.

Would you like a little catsup with your crow, Mr. Hansen?


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