Time to Upgrade?

I had an unusual request from a customer today and I figured a few of you might benefit from my leg work. I had to configure a cheapo deluxe (but reasonable) computer. My customer lost 5 computers to a lighting strike so the budget is important. This is what I found:

Start with Soyo KT600 Barebones Kit with AMD Athlon XP 2600+, Case, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers for 150 bucks INCLUDING Processor!

Then add 512MB Memory for 75 bucks

And then get a Hitachi 80GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for 73 dollars

Get a Sony Black 52x32x52x16 Combo Drive, (DVD-ROM CD-RW) for $45

Toss in a PNY GeForce4 MX440 Video Card / 64MB / AGP 8X / TV Out for only 20 bucks

That’s a total of $363 (plus freight some of which is free)

If you are driving a computer that is less impressive than this, you have no excuse not to upgrade. For $363 you get a very respectable computer complete with keyboard, mouse and speakers. I also gave them DVD drives and SATA hard drives. You could probably get the cost down to 300 with 256MB memory, a CD-ROM drive and an IDE drive. But why?

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