Moore Claims To Have Berg Footage

The story of Nick Berg keeps getting stranger…

New York (AP) – Outtakes from filmmaker Michael Moore’s controversial new movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” include footage of an interview with Nicholas Berg.

Moore says he has about 20 minutes of an interview with Berg, the American businessman who was beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists. He’d been a staunch supporter of the war.

Moore says he’s not releasing it to the public, but has been dealing with Berg’s family. He’s not saying what Berg said in the interview.

Berg’s killing was seen in a video posted on the Web site of an Islamist group.Assuming the footage exists (which is debatable given Moore’s penchant for lying), how would an unknown contractor like Nick Berg come to the attention of Michael Moore? Why would Moore interview Berg for 20 minutes (n the United States last year) for his anti-Bush movie Fahrenheit 9/11, when Berg’s family insists that he was pro-Bush and supported war?

It doesn’t make sense for either Nick Berg or Michael Moore to have done this interview.

Here is my theory: Moore was trolling for kills. I know from advance word on the movie that in at least one instance Moore interviewed a military family before the troop deployed and after they received word that the soldier was killed in action.

Was the Nick Berg interview a similar ploy by Moore? Was the modus operandi on the film to do a bunch of stateside interviews and hope some of them die so you can get a great grieving shot with bonus emotional anti-war statements from the formerly pro-war family?

In the case of Nick Berg I’m sure Moore would have noticed the potential for anti-Bush screeds from father Michael in the event that the (supposed) pro-war son died. Was Moore just sketching a really good “before” portrait for Nick Berg on the off chance that he would get killed in the course of the making of Fahrenheit 9/11?

Perhaps Nick’s father, Michael Berg, set him up with Moore? Given that Michael Berg blames everyone but the terrorists for his sons death that seems plausible.

Even Moore realizes that it’s too late (and to incendiary) to tarnish the reputation of Nick Berg now, but you can bet that if he really does have the video he will find a way…

Judge not, lest ye be judged


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