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Not to worry – it’s highly unlikely there will be daily updates. Just spoofing Jeff Jarvis’s The Daily Stern series. (Note to Jeff – learn how to use categories!).

Robert Cox at the National Debate is on top of the story:

The most recent breaks in the story are: (1) Jessica Cutler lied about her age, she is 26 not 23 or 24 as reported elsewhere; (2) she attended Syracuse University but failed to earn her degree; (3) her Dad was not aware she was fired until yesterday – wait until he sees the blog!

The Commissar thinks it’s an elaboratly evil media pimping plot by the dark lordess of the Denton media empire, noting that both Cox and Cutler worked at National Geographic.

Must search back issues of NG for tribal breasts – there’s got to be a connection to the story.

Co-conspirator Gossipist Wonkette has a roundup of other people trying to pimp her ho…

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