Today's Blogging Tip

When writing on your blog, don’t call one of your bosses an “anal retentive control freak” and don’t say that you are “ready to get a shotgun and declare open season on [anyone] who dared cross [you].”

And if you ignore my above advice, then at least learn a lesson from Amy Burch and DON’T mail your boss the link.

Online Weblog Leads To Firing

Crimson Staff Writer

A social studies office worker said she was fired this week after administrators discovered provocative posts in her online journal, including threats to fellow workers and superiors.

For the past two years, Amy Norah Burch, an undergraduate coordinator for the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, included a link to her personal website,, in her e-mail signature. The site, in turn, included a link to her online blog, which contained hundreds of posts about music, politics and her social life. […]

“Work is aggravating me,” she wrote in an April 28 entry on the publicly accessible journal, the contents of which have since been taken offline. “I am one shade lighter than homicidal today. I am two snotty e-mails from professors away from bombing the entire Harvard campus.”

Burch said her supervisor read the journal after following the link in her [email] signature. […]

One of Burch’s entries referred to her supervisors by first name, bemoaning Director of Undergraduate Studies Anya Bernstein’s “random freaking out” and Champlin-Scharff’s “anal retentive control freakishness.”

In one entry, Burch said she was “ready to get a shotgun and declare open season on all senior faculty members and students who dared cross [her].”

Don’t say you never got the warning.

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