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From the Eugene Oregon Register Guard:

Don’t give support to U.S. troops

In response to Tabitha Perkins (letters, May 11) encouraging us to tie a yellow ribbon to support the troops no matter how one feels about the war, and to everyone else of like mind: I do not support the troops who are willing to kill for their government, for the money it pays, for the education they may receive later – if they make it home alive with their brains intact – or any patriotism they claim to represent. A yellow ribbon should denote cowardice in the case of welcoming these people home.

They took the easy way out in the current climate of “You’re either with us or you’re against us.” The willingness to kill, maim and torture for the government is not something to be proud of.

To go against the grain is the honorable thing. I would like to honor all the women and men who refuse to fight any battle that is not their own, whether it’s for oil, power, money, government or greed. I honor those brave and decent enough to take good care of themselves and others. I honor those wonderful, intelligent beings who can think for themselves and not sign on to anything that would compromise their own respectability, those ethical enough to take responsibility for directing their own actions.

I say tie a blood-red ribbon on your arm, on your trees or any other limbs you can think of to show support for those willing to save blood for worthy endeavors.

SHERRY FRANZENShe’s a real peach; Eugene is lucky to have and eco terrorist loving, cop bashing, military hating activist like this.

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