Remember Laci Peterson?

Before there was Jacko and Kobe, there was Laci. The case against Scott Peterson may not be the open and shut case everyone expected. From The San Francisco Chronicle:

A former sworn peace officer says he saw two men pull Laci Peterson into a van, and prosecutors failed to interview him until last week, according to a motion filed Monday by attorneys for Scott Peterson.

Marc Geragos, the attorney representing Scott Peterson, is accusing the prosecution of withholding key evidence that could exonerate his client.

Peterson is charged with his wife’s murder and the death of their unborn child. Laci Peterson vanished on Dec. 24, 2002. Her body and that of her fetus were recovered in April 2003 near where her husband said he had been fishing the day of her disappearance.

In the motion, Geragos alleges that the prosecution has known about the unidentified witness since December 2002 but didn’t interview him until just last week — just days before the start of the trial. Opening statements are scheduled for a week from today. “The witness confirmed his sighting of a woman he identified as Laci and her two abductors,” according to the defense motion. “However, the Modesto Police Department chose to ignore this former peace officer’s report presumably because ‘it was not going in the right direction.’ This … clearly establishes that the prosecution’s conduct was undertaken in bad faith.”Full coverage of the Scott Peterson case is available at The Southern California Law Blog‘s Scott Peterson archive.

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