Another Kevin (Life at TJ’s Place), brought hazy memories of parties gone by back with this passage:

The waitstaff had a party after work Saturday night (according to the Monday report). Around 5:00 in the morning someone decided it would be a good idea to start shooting arrows off the deck with a compound bow. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, it’s time to leave the party when somebody does a beer bong, vomits on the floor, and says, “Hey, let’s get out Dave’s compound bow!” It was always like that at the parties I remember. The guys who weren’t getting any decided to end the night with violence and/or dangerous activity. Hitting golf balls, tackle football, nunchuck fights, homerun hitting contests with aluminum baseball bats and golf balls. I’m amazed no one has been killed.

I have no recollection of nunchuck fights, but that’s probably only because none of my friends owned any. Other than that, he’s spot on…

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