Don't Pet The Bears

Apparently the word has not gotten out to folks that petting bears is not a good idea.

Item 1:

A Le Moyne College student lost part of her arm early Sunday when she attempted to pet a caged bear at a private zoo in Brutus, according to the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Rob Outhouse said Brooke Bessette, 22, of Hermon, was trespassing on property owned by Glenn Donnelly on Clinton Road where Donnelly keeps a private menagerie of exotic, wild animals, including two Chinese Himalayan bears.

Bessette and college friend Margaret Craig, of Rochester, were brought to the property around 1 a.m. by Port Byron resident Dan Wilkinson, 36, who was familiar with the collection of animals, Outhouse said. The two had met Wilkinson earlier at a tavern in Weedsport and left to look at the animals.

“I’m suspecting that alcohol may have been involved,” the sheriff said.Item 2:

A bear kept at a Central Russian hunting lodge for training hunting dogs has attacked and killed the chairman of the Tambov Regional Hunting and Fishing Society, society representatives told Interfax.

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