dnt wori I won't tel ur OL

Is there a smoking gun phone in the Kobe Bryant case? His lawyers think so. From Celebrity Justice:

Kobe Bryant declared his innocence in a Colorado courtroom earlier this month, and now “CJ” has exclusively learned that his defense may try to get an acquittal based on text messages that the accuser made from her AT&T cell phone. Kobe’s camp has filed a motion asking that the records be released.

Text messaging has become part of our daily culture, and if you want proof, just tune into “American Idol.” But the question remains, how does it help Bryant’s case? Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Anthony Brooklier said that if the accuser sent messages indicating that the sex was consensual or if she bragged about it in anyway, it could be a lethal blow to the prosecution.

“Clearly this is something the defense is going to have to look at,” Brooklier told us. “Because apparently there is some indication from their investigation that messages were sent and apparently they think some of these messages are exculpating for Kobe Bryant.”The title of the post translates to “don’t worry I won’t tell your wife” for the terminally unhip…

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