Return Of The Blogrolls

I just got back from a business trip, so I’ll be back to regular blogging in moment.

Regular visitors will notice that the blogrolls have returned to the front page. During the wave of visitors looking for the Nick Berg video Wizbang (and several other blogs) were loading several hundreds of thousands of page views each day. The strain on (and other centralized services) was noticeable. This presented a dilemma for customers of centralized services like – leave the code on their page and risk having their own page load extremely slow or removing the code. Most chose to move or remove their blogrolls.

The blogrolls at Wizbang are now all served from a local cache of the servers, so Wizbang is entirely independent from the operation of their servers. A schelduled job on the server updates the blogrolls every five minutes and then saves the blogroll to the Wizbang server. The local copy of the data is what is loaded by Wizbang, so the latency and Javascript issues that many have experienced with are not an issue here.

Lloyd Hannesson will have the final version of the script at that you can upload to your server to start running your blogrolls locally. As soon as he’s certain that there are no errors in the script he’ll make it available.

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