NEWS FLASH: White People Cheer Black Singer

The issue of race and American Idol has reached an all new level of nuttiness. Every time an underdog (black or white) is not voted out on American Idol somebody calls it racism. But as I’ve said, maybe it is just stupidity.

My stupidity theory got a strong backing by this bizarre story:

‘Idol’ underlines unconfronted racial issues


I don’t know who will be crowned the next “American Idol” on Wednesday, but I do know that regardless of who wins, the discussion of race and voting will always follow the Fox show.

That’s a good thing.

No matter how much we want to deny it, race colors how we see this televised popularity contest. This year is the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision that desegregated schools, but people have been talking more about how black women fare on “Idol” than how black children do in school.

I knew after reading that last line that the story could only get worse, I had no idea.

If racism wasn’t still prevalent in our culture … the treatment of Jayson Blair compared to lying white journalists — African Americans wouldn’t worry that bigotry influences the outcome of a TV show.

There you go- Jayson Blair was a victim of racism.

Keep in mind this woman works in the newspaper business.

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I’ll admit that when La Toya London and Fantasia Barrino ended up as bottom vote-getters two weeks ago, I thought it was racial.

Now I’m not so sure. …

Covering Barrino’s homecoming to High Point last week made me question my initial reaction. Barrino was getting out of an SUV at Montlieu Elementary School when a white woman in a minivan pulled up. She blew her horn and screamed, “Fantasia, we love you.”

GASP- A white person is a Fantasia fan??? But I thought all white people were racists? How can this be?

At the “Idol” show in Los Angeles on Tuesday, I saw another racially mixed group of Barrino fans waving handmade posters and shouting for her in the studio.

OMG- A racially mixed group of people cheering for a black woman– What is this world coming to?

I’m encouraged that so many white fans pull for Barrino or have supported other black “Idol” contestants in the past.

Condescension thy name is Tonya Jameson.

Actually I must admit, the article convinced me racism is alive and well. The irony is, the only racist in the article was the woman who wrote it.

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