Will Kerry Flip-Flop On The Nomination?

Waiting to hear, “I accepted the nomination before I didn’t formally accept it.”

BOSTON (Reuters) – White House hopeful John Kerry may delay his formal acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination, enabling him to continue to spend freely for an extra five weeks, a campaign aide said on Friday.

Both President Bush and Kerry are limited to federal funding of about $75 million each after they accept the Republican and Democratic nominations respectively. Before that time they can spend as much as they can legally raise.

But Democrats are holding their convention in Boston from July 26 to 29 five weeks before the Republicans meet in New York from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2.

The Kerry campaign said it is unwilling to give the incumbent president a free-spending advantage by having the Massachusetts senator accept the nomination at an earlier date. Sort of makes the whole convention irrelevant if you don’t get your nominee to accept?

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