Fantasia Exit Watch

Fantasia Barrino is going home tonight, because the American Idol voting system rewards people with too much time on their hands. The lesson from season 3 of American Idol is that talent is an afterthought; a committed base of fans is far more important.

Last week Jasmine Trias effectively received a vote from every man, woman, and child in Hawaii. Expect the same support this week. The Maui News reported on last weeks voting paterns:

Hawaii ranked third in completed calls in the Verizon network, Laverty said. New York, where Verizon has 95 percent of the business, had 2.1 million completed calls, and California, where Verizon ”is not dominant,” had 1.4 million calls, he said.
New Jersey, which like Hawaii is 100 percent Verizon, had 15,000 to 20,000 fewer calls than Hawaii, despite a 2003 estimated population of 8.6 million compared to Hawaii’s 1.26 million, Laverty said. [..]

Hawaii is six hours behind the East Coast – island viewers might have a later, less-crowded calling period to cast votes.

Since the best singer (La Toya Jackson London) cannot win, I’d like to see Jasmine to win just to see the squirming from the American Idol judges and producers who have to put her on tour and release an album.

Related: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Tim Cuprisin offers 9 ways to fix American Idol.

Update: The results are in – (spoiler protected)…

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In the voice of douchebag Ryan Secrest, Trias out

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