Daily Six Pack

Because man should not live by diet soda alone, I give you five tall cold links and a personal nugget – a virtual six pack.

  1. Courtney Love is falling to pieces – not for the squeamish.

  • Did the military attack a wedding in Iraq? They say no.

  • Jeff Goldstein says, “Stop the pita lies!

  • Bill at INDC is branching out from photo coverage to editorial cartoons. When’s that next protest march?

  • James Joyner obviously inspired this little linkfest with the Beltway Traffic Jam.
    Personal Nugget – I got a call about from OPM today about my security clearance… It was from my last job, submitted last May. I can say with some level of certainty the delay for non military clearances is running at 1 year…

    Hot Horny Republican Interns


    1. Bill from INDC May 20, 2004
    2. Karol May 20, 2004