PayPal Dings Another Site

I’d say I’m surprised, but they already shut me down – follow up details here.

Paypal suspends Freenet donations account

Paypal has frozen the account we use to accept donations over the web, they refuse to give any reason other than “use of an anonymous proxy”, which suggests that someone at Paypal took a dislike to the goals of our project, since I have never used an anonymous proxy to access Paypal (this being the activity I assume they sought to prevent). It is fortunate that Johann Gutenberg did not rely on Paypal to fund his work on the printing press, which also allowed anonymous publication of information, since his account would probably have been frozen too.

If you are concerned about whether your account might be at risk due to your political opinions you may wish to speak to their PR contact Hani Durzy at (408) 376 7458. If you are an investor and you would like to see what other political opinions Paypal doesn’t like, you may want to speak to their Investor contact Tracey Ford at (408) 376 7205.Well they violated rule number one for using Paypal – don’t leave your money there. They may get their $550, but not for 6 months.

Hat Tip: Say Anything

Sad News
Spirit Of America TV Gear Arrives In Iraq


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