WMD's Found

This Iraqi scientist wasn’t surprised that a weapon containing sarin was found exploded earlier in the week. From FOX News:

Gazi George, a former Iraqi nuclear scientist under Saddam’s regime, told Fox News that he believes many similar weapons stockpiled by the former regime were either buried underground or transported to Syria. He noted that the airport where the device was detonated is on the way to Baghdad from the Syrian border.

George said the finding likely will just be the first in a series of discoveries of such weapons.

“Saddam is the type who will not store those materials in a military warehouse. He’s gonna store them either underground, or, as I said, lots of them have gone west to Syria and are being brought back with the insurgencies,” George told Fox News. “It is difficult to look in areas that are not obvious to the military’s eyes.

“I’m sure they’re going to find more once time passes,” he continued, saying one year is not enough for the survey group or the military to find the weapons.

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