Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ has concluded. Here are the winners:


1) ( Laurence Simon ) – “We tried using The Club, but they kept biting us when we stuck it in them.”

2) ( Jeff G. ) – “Sheeeeeeyit. It’s all about Bono, bitch.”

tie 3) ( Timmer ) – PFC Lynndie England’s puppies try to duck the media as a family friend gets them out for a morning stroll.

tie 3) ( McGehee ) – Okay, making them pose for pictures naked wearing chains is marginally legit, but those geeky looking sunglasses are against the Geneva Convention!


Rodney Dill’s Caption

Abu Ghraib Dachshunds

Until Friday

You Really Can Learn Anything on the Internet
Hypocrisy Watch


  1. Laurence Simon May 16, 2004
  2. Timmer May 16, 2004