Hypocrisy Watch

Ilyka Damen had some rather harsh comments about 2 of my posts.

Dear Every Damn Blogger Speculating About Nick Berg

Please stop it. It’s making me sick. And it’s proving that the left has no monopoly on tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

And this sorry excuse . . . ?

Oh God, oh Lord, would this man please fuck OFF.

At the time I thought it was a rough way to word it but I thought the criticism might be fair. Some people genuinely find it distasteful to speculate about the dead. Besides, Ilyka did use me as the example but the post was titled “Dear Every Damn Blogger…” If Ilyka got a little passionate, I (of all people) would not complain about that. I ignored it.

Later, Ilyka updated the post:

It is the sensationalist tone and treatment of the subject which enrages me, and the blame for that can be heaped mainly at the feet of one guy: Paul at Wizbang. Thus, the title of this post probably should not have read, “Dear Every Damn Blogger . . . .”

So, I was public enemy number one when it came to speculating about the death of Nick Berg. Still, I chose to ignore it.

But you can imagine my surprise when I found this comment Ilyka made on Kate’s blog about the Nick Berg video:

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Damn, Kate, you made me break out the Stedman

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