Upgrade Hell

Kevin McGehee decided to upgrade blogoSFERICS from MT 2.661 to MT 3.0.

It has not gone well

He’s stuck in the MT .339 range where nothing works quite right and you can’t go backward (MT 2.661) and don’t want to go forward (MT 3.0).

In other news on the release of MT 3.0 – Six Apart is dancing as fast as they can, pMachine is giving away 1000 copies of Expression Engine, WordPress 1.2 is about to be released, Hosting Matters is recomending that other blog products be used, and Sekimori (Stacy Tabb) hinted somewhere that they will be doing WordPress designs, and countless bloggers are considering their options.

That’s a boatload of information, but the net effect is that some of MovableType’s biggest supporters are actively eying the competition and liking what they see (or not liking what they see from SixApart).

Related: WindRider details the inherent design issues with MT that have many looking elsewhere.

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