Shooting From the Hip

After 2 months or so of guest blogging here at Wizbang I have learned one undeniable truth. Blogging is hard!

Rush Limbaugh has a line to the effect that doing his show is harder than it looks because he makes it look so easy. I’ve done talk radio and in many ways, having a blog is harder. I have even more respect for those of you that can do this for years at a time. I don’t think I could.

I learned something else last night. The hard way…

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Last night I got a phone call with some information about Nick Berg. Much of which I posted last night. Some of it I have not run with because I don’t trust it as much as I trusted the password story. I won’t post the rest yet, but I’ll say this about it. We know nothing about the time between when he left Iraqi (U.S.?) custody and when he showed up in an orange jumpsuit. If my source is correct about what happened, it raises considerable questions about Nick Berg.

That knowledge lead me to overshoot one point. I said: “This guy was dirty. We has over there trying to help the terrorists and they killed him.”

Like many bloggers I started posting things in people’s comments long before I started writing here. I learned last night that (to me at least) there is a difference. I look at comments of more like B.S.’ing in a bar room. That is the kind of thing that is better placed in comments.

In hindsight I would have not put that line in the post. -Or at least I would have phased it differently.

That is not to say I don’t think the stories coming out don’t stink to high heaven. They do. Also it is certainly not to say that his Father is not a political hack who used his son’s death for political purposes.

Spoons said it best: “It’s time for Mr. Berg to fade into obscurity and grieve in private. Otherwise, people are going to start remembering that just because he lost a child doesn’t mean he’s not an asshole.

But I might have overshot the target on that one line.

So for those of you who beat me up and said I drew that conclusion too fast… (I do have more information than most people but…) OK, you have a point. In my rush to get the story out, I shot from the hip. It was not a legitimate opinion drawn from facts it was a gut hunch.

But- For those of you who want to give his father a pass or think we should not check out Nick Berg’s story with a fine tooth comb, forget about it.

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