Sorry for the light posting today. It’s been a particularly shitty day for me to try to write. Why?

  1. I had a full day of client meetings with no Internet access.

  2. The new baby has been fussing for the last 3 hours (most of the night).

  3. Every moment I’d allocated to read and write was occupied with getting my page to load.

  4. I’ve got hundreds of unread e-mails

  5. Wizbang is still getting deluged in traffic. Wizbang had 3 times the traffic of InstaPundit today (half a million visitors in one day).

I know Wizbang has done a lot of coverage on the Nick Berg murder, which has made for a darker mood here the last few days. Things will lighten up eventually.

In regards to the previous post – regardless of the details that emerge about the man’s politics or associations nothing changes the fact that his death is a tragic outrage.

Inflatable Jimmy
WIZBANG EXCLUSIVE- Nick Berg gave password to terrorists


  1. Wind Rider May 14, 2004
  2. Kevin May 14, 2004
  3. Frank J. May 14, 2004