Jumping Ship?

The blogging community is in a tizzy over the licensing terms for the new version of Movable Type.

It’s hard to pinpoint where the uproar started, but Les (who was one of the folks who first noted the issues) has taken a substantially more reflective look at the situation and wisely advises a collective chill pill.

People have asked me what I intend to do in regards to MT 3.0, and frankly I’m not sure what (if anything) I’ll do. The sudden burst of traffic at Wizbang has given me a chance to test the limits of the current version of MT, and the results have not been good.

Over the period of the last few days I have one of the busiest installations of MT 2.661 on the planet, and I can tell you from first hand personal experience it does not scale into the 500K visitors a day range gracefully if comments and trackbacks are enabled. On one post with 400+ comments the size of the HTML file generated was over 500K. That’s just not acceptable, and was a painfully slow load even with gzip on the PHP page enabled.

Rebuilds and the MT CGI code became a real issue here yesterday. Look at this graphic of the load on the Wizbang server (the period with no activity is a switch failure). See the big drop in bandwidth at the end of the timeline? That is the function of disabling comments on one post. Anyway you slice it that’s some pretty inefficient CGI code…

I like the MT product and will evaluate the new version (not the Developer Edition) when it becomes available. Unless there is a real improvement in the code for commenting though, I may be looking for other products or hybrids, such as WordPress, PMachine or the backends at LGF or Daily Kos.

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