Friends Remember Nick Berg

The Washington Post today features a story of friends remembering Nick Berg. One interesting passage is on the divide in opinion on Iraq between Nick and his family.

Berg’s parents and brother and sisters are liberals and anti-Bush and antiwar in equal measure, according to friends and the bumper stickers on their cars. Nick was not. He believed in President Bush and the liberation of Iraq. He went out to play football with Lorenz and another friend last December. It was a balmy day and, as always, they talked about everything. Toward the end, Berg spoke of going to Iraq, where he would climb and fix communications towers — and put American flags on top. He wanted to make some money, and he wanted to be part of building something good.

“He believed that you can’t understand anyone if you fear them,” Lorenz says. “The power of his vision was much greater than our fear for his safety. He believed he would emerge safely.”

There were two trips to Iraq and his e-mails from there read so often like travelogues of a young American abroad. There are stories of bus rides through dusty towns and glimpses of distant green hills — perfect for exploring! — and the joy of trying to pick up a little Arabic. He’s reading of Judaism and Farsi and history —

Then his voice goes silent, then he’s heard from again, and then silence.Go read the whole thing.

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