Big Media Has Failed You…

Wizbang has had 237,000 visitors today, and the day is only half over. This is a result of a my post linking to the video of the execution of Nick Berg (the video is now available directly as well).

What has happened here is the media has really missed the Nick Berg story in a big way. Go read this post and follow the linked trackbacks to this post and see all of the other bloggers getting insane (for blogs) amounts of traffic. Even Glenn Reynolds is wondering where his 200,000 page views yesterday came from. Since I can’t access e-mail at all until this evening I can’t send him a note and tell him, but most assuredly it’s the Nick Berg link he had two days ago.

There are millions of people looking for news on the Nick Berg execution today, and big media is not serving them. Those millions of people are visiting blogs today instead of The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc.

See Paul’s post below on why the video remains available here. Unlike the networks, we expect that you can decide for yourself whether you want to read about and watch the Berg video.

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