Idol Viewers not racist… They're stupid!

Elton John made a stink over American Idol viewers being racist.

He was wrong.

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They’re stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. With a capital “S” and that rhymes with Stupid and that stands for Stupid.

Tonight they voted off La Toya London.

La Toya was so much better than anyone there it was almost painful to listen to some of the others. Simon repeatedly called her the best of the group. There was no question. Paula Abdul and that Randy guy gave her a standing ovation last week. Abdul cried tonight when they announced she lost.

It is sickening to think that people voted for Jasmin Treeass and Diana DeGarmo over La Toya and Fantasia Barrino. Do you people not have ears?

The only saving grace is that one day La Toya London will win a grammy and 20 years from now VH-1 will run a special on American Idol finalists that never had a hit and Jasmin Treeass will be the topic of a 5 minute segment.

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