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If you cant bear to watch the disturbing video of the savage murder of Nick Berg, Charles Johnson has a written version of his viewing of the video. From his post:

When the Daniel Pearl video was making the rounds on the web, I refused to post a link because it was so soul-wrenching that I thought people didn’t need to see it. I thought September 11 was a big enough shock to the American public that we wouldn’t dare go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, I no longer believe that, and that’s why I’m posting a link to this goddamned obscenity. Watch it, if you think you can. It’s going to make you sick, and it’s going to make you mad.

And remember this: what you see in this video is what the mujahideen would like to do to each and every one of us.Oliver Willis notes:

I think you should see it. Since the day the towers were hit, I’ve argued that we should see all of it. We should have seen the horror that Al Qaeda did to us. We should have seen what the Taliban did to the people of Afghanistan. We should see what our bombing did in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. We should see the corpses of those that died during Hussein’s regime, as well as the pictures of happy Iraqis as his regime fell. Genocide in Africa, ethnic cleansing in Europe, gang crime in America.

We should end the whitewash of images and let the people decide.And that was my whole purpose in posting the link to the video and then, via Paul’s generosity, the full video. The media is happy to show you some of these images, and not others.

Why let them make this choice for you?

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Nick Berg: Who's to blame?
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