A Partisan Beheading?

I found the blogosphere’s response to the Nick Berg story interesting.

Kevin put the link up to the video and I put it on one of my extra servers. That started a flood of activity. As you can see below we got 17 trackbacks (and counting) and an Instalanche for good measure.

But I noticed something about the links… With the notable exception of Oliver Willis not a single major* left-wing blog linked it. The answer was obvious of course, the lefties hate Kevin because he scares them so they would be linking to the video on a left wing site… Right? Right?

So I took a stroll.

Ted, over at Crooked Timber, was still beating the Abu Ghraib drum but acknowledged as an afterthought that he thought the beheading was bad.

Kevin Drum did call it barbaric but then went on to lament that it might make us dedicated to winning the war on terror and of course found time to blame us for Abu Ghraib.

Matthew Yglesias was imitating the 3rd monkey. If there was any evil in it, he wasn’t going to speak about it. You would think he would have been moved enough to at least mention it.

Josh Marshall thought he would make a better third monkey than Matt.

Atrios just could not bring himself to mention how Nick Berg was slaughtered but blamed the whole thing on George Bush.

Kos had a post titled “Why Berg was Murdered” and his answer was “The neocons WANTED it this way.”

Not a single lefty site linked to the video. I was struck by one thing surfing lefty sites. The anger and animosity for the beheading was not aimed at the guy with the knife but at George Bush.

So I went and looked at right wing sites…

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[BTW The Ecosystem was down so I might have missed some big names on either side as I did this from memory.]

Andrew Sullivan took turns first bashing Al Qeada and then the media and then Al Qeada again. His outrage quotient was pretty high. Called Al Qeada “dumb” and trashed the media for not putting out the link to the original site.

LGF OK I did not go… They were all over it, trust me. (There were multiple links to the video earlier in the day in the comments.)

Stephen Green wanted to know, “Where’s the outrage over this story?” and in a later post said it should get the same media as the prison abuse story.

James Joyner was uncharacteristically late on this story but characteristically compendious. [update James linked it when it woke up.]

Michele gave us a reminder who the enemy was and what kind of people animals they were. Video link (to someone else hurmphf 😉

Glenn Reynolds Has his say and links to the video.

Wizbang! Well, CHECK! And a recursive check at that!

A clear majority All but one of the right-wing blogs linked to the video.(or said the media should have)

So there you have it… A partisan beheading. If the lefties even mentioned it, they downplayed it and could only muster a sense of outrage at George Bush. The folks on the right were far more outraged and actually pointed their outrage at the murderers.


UPDATE: Willis, in a later post, blames Bush too. OK so he batted .500.

UPDATE 2: James Joyner linked it when it woke up this morning.

* I followed all of the trackbacks and I saw a few of the linkers were not exactly right wingers, but I’m limiting my scope to the major guys for now. If you felt slighted in some way, I apologize, I did my best considering it is 3 AM. If you feel you deserve Oliver Willis type kudos, leave a comment and I’ll update the post.

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