Man In The Moon

Will he show?

NEW YORK (AP) – Andy Kaufman died of lung cancer on May 16, 1984, but according to legend, the eccentric comedian said if he were faking, he’d resurface 20 years later to the day.

So, just in case, a party is being planned by Bob Zmuda, Kaufman’s best friend and partner, at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on May 16.

“Over 100 personal ads will be taken out across the country and abroad, reminding him of his words. Will he show?” Zmuda asked on the Web site for Comic Relief, a series of shows that raise money for health care for the homeless. Zmuda founded Comic Relief after Kaufman’s death.

VIP tickets to the Andy Kaufman — Dead or Alive? tribute offer “select seating and celebrity reception (hopefully with Andy).”

The tribute also promises a performance by Las Vegas lounge lizard Tony Clifton, one of Kaufman’s characters.

Kaufman was best known as the lovable foreign-car mechanic Latka Gravas on the ’70s TV sitcom Taxi.You’ll for sure get to see Tony Clifton, since Zmuda has admitted playing that character as part of an elaborate Kaufman hoax.

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