I Never Sausage A Thing


This is still the most memorable play for the 2003 Pirates, which isn’t saying much.

MILWAUKEE (AP) – Wisconsin’s most famous sausage has decided to retire, but she’ll always relish the memories. Mandy Block, the woman in the Italian sausage costume hit with a bat by Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Randall Simon last July, won’t be in the Milwaukee Brewers’ sausage races this summer.

She has decided to retire from competitive sausage racing at Miller Park to take psychology classes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“It’s too bad,” Block told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “It kind of ended with a bang, though.”

Block received attention after Simon hit her over the head with his bat as she passed by the visitors’ dugout. Veronica Chandler, the hot dog who tripped over Block’s fallen sausage, never ran again.The Pirates nucleus is finally coming together, unfortunately they are doing so for the San Diego Padres who have the 3rd best record in the National League (19-13).

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