Blogger Enters The Modern Age

Everyone’s favorite punching bag Blogger has rolled out a new version. They’ve done a pretty good job addressing many of the deficiencies that have caused serious bloggers to abandon Blogger in droves. Based on a quick look around and some tinkering at an old BlogSpot site I have (Spigot) the new features seem to work well. If you have yet to desert Blogger, you may not have too.

What’s New

  • Comments – Built-in comments, with a few different levels of control. The comments have e-mail notification. They have a pretty good walk-though on adding comments to your blog.

  • Individual Archive Pages – Individual posts can now have their own URL (i.e., individual web page). This is a huge improvement.

  • Titles – Your posts can have titles. The Titles can be permalinks as well.

  • Templates – They’ve add a bunch of new professionally designed templates, which seem to work in IE6.

  • Syndication – Atom (XML) feeds are now integrated. Turn these on, so that your blog can be read by Atom enabled newsreaders.

    What’s Missing

    Trackbacks – There is no built-in trackback support. If you want trackbacks you’ll have to use HaloScan.

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    My new policy in regards to links to Blogger sites is that you must be using the Individual Archive page feature to get a link. The same goes for my blogroll – If you run a Blogger blog and have not enabled Atom feeds you will be dropped from my blogroll.

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