Those Darn Pseudo-Journalists

I read this with baited breath. Finally someone was speaking out…

Esteemed journalist lectures on ethics

L.A. Times Editor John Carroll spoke about journalism ethics and pseudo-journalism at the Gerlinger Lounge on Thursday.

Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll delivers the annual Ruhl Lecture as part of ‘Ethics Week’ on Thursday

The media industry has been infested by the rise of pseudo-journalists who go against journalism’s long tradition to serve the public with accurate information, Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll told a packed room in the Gerlinger Lounge on Thursday.

Carroll delivered the annual Ruhl Lecture, titled “The Wolf in Reporter’s Clothing: The Rise of Pseudo-Journalism in America.” The lecture was sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communication.

Oh Goody… Who was he going to rip?

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