Stupidity and laziness aren't handicaps

I hate to sound like I’m bragging about Cow Hampshire, because quite frankly I’m usually embarrassed by some of the things we do around here, but we have a new law that just kicked in this year that I just gotta boast about.

Until January 1, the fine for parking in a handicapped spot without a handicapped license plate or placard was $125.00. We just doubled that, to $250.00.

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We also tweaked the enforcement laws, too.

Previously, handicapped people would call the police to complain, and it would usually take a while for the cops to show up and write the ticket. Now all it takes is for someone to submit a photo and a sworn statement documenting the illegal parking, and the police will be delighted to mail the offender a ticket.

I’ve made a point of telling people with handicapped plates about this law. They’re thrilled with it, and so are people who simply care about doing the right thing.

I’d love to see other states follow our lead on this issue.

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