Liberal Hindsight

Ann Coulter’s commentary seems to have more bite to it than a lot of people appreciate. I usually scan her column, and at times she does seem to go off on strange rants. Ann Coulter’s May 5th column, however, I find to be pretty good. The Liberals demand that more should have been done prior to 9/11 fly in the face of their resistance to such investigation mechanisms, as the Patriot Act.

Ben-Veniste demanded to know why the suspected 20th hijacker, Zacarias Moussaoui, had not been more aggressively investigated, despite the fact that — I quote — he had “no explanation for the funds in his bank account, and no explanation for why he was in the United States.”

So let me get this straight: Airport security can’t acknowledge that a person is an Arab, but they should be allowed to audit his bank records? (Come to think of it, “Can’t Explain His Bank Account or Why He’s Here” is also a pretty good description of John Kerry.)

Liberal Reaction Cycle
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