Friends, That's A Wrap

It’s hard to watch 2 hours and 4 minutes of anything with a mildly fussy baby who refuses to give up a burp… Anyway, here’s the no spoiler review of the final evening with Friends:

The final episode – It’s everything you’d expect. Some old themes were touched on, and things wrap up pretty much as you would predict. It was safe, funny in spots, and pretty much of the same vintage as the rest of the shows this season. That’s not exactly a unqualified compliment…

The 10 year review – Depressing, but not for the reasons you’d expect. I was struck by just how good the show used to be. The clips brought it all back – from 1994 to 1999 Friends was as well written and funny as it was popular. The decline in quality of Friends probably coincided with the run of Christina Applegate’s NBC sitcom Jesse, produced by the Friends creative team. I’ll look back fondly on the show, but when the reruns are on I’ll be looking for The Ones With The Freakishly Thin Chandler

Update: James Joyner rounds up the reaction of a handful of bloggers.

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