Douchebag Says "What"

Proving that nothing that comes out of his mouth should be believed; zeppelin sized multimillionaire, common man, and professional blowhard Michael Moore Fisk’s himself.

Less than 24 hours after accusing the Walt Disney Company of pulling the plug on his latest documentary in a blatant attempt at political censorship, the rabble-rousing film-maker Michael Moore has admitted he knew a year ago that Disney had no intention of distributing it.

The admission, during an interview with CNN, undermined Moore’s claim that Disney was trying to sabotage the US release of Fahrenheit 911 just days before its world premiere at the Cannes film festival.

Instead, it lent credence to a growing suspicion that Moore was manufacturing a controversy to help publicise the film, a full-bore attack on the Bush administration and its handling of national security since the attacks of 11 September 2001.Let’s see; crappy movies and an ever increasing waist line… He’s the modern day fat Elvis…

Via: Chuck Simmins, who learned everything he knows about blogging*** from me.

*** As it relates to Paris Hilton

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