Drudge has a heck of a source at the Chicago Trib. Two more bigwigs quit and take their money with them.

In yet another sign of trouble for Air America Radio, the liberal talk network entering its fifth chaotic week on the air, co-founder and chairman Evan Cohen resigned Thursday, as did vice-chairman and investor Rex Sorensen.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE is planning to report in fresh editions: The company also failed to make its scheduled payroll, leaving its staff roughly 100 radio personalities, writers, and producers unpaid until Thursday.

Who couldn’t see this coming?

Update below the fold

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The Trib has the story. I love this line….

“We’re on a wild ride,” said Jon Sinton, the network’s president, acknowledging that Air America has suffered “the typical bumps and bruises faced by any start-up.”

Sure, all startups lose the founder, the co-founder, the chairman, the vice-chairman and the major money man all in the first 4 weeks of business. It’s typical.

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