Comings And Goings


  • Wonkette unveils the Rumsfeld Job Security Meter.Goings:

  • Auterrific has moved too.

  • Glenn Reynolds – Taking a break due to illness.

  • Kelley is heading to the beach, but she’s got two excellent guest bloggers at Casa Blight.

  • Everyone at TechTV. TechTV told 285 San Francisco employees on Thursday that their jobs are being eliminated. Maybe those TechTV girls should have taken the cash from Playboy instead of playing coy.

  • Dan from Real Word Miami went to jail for porn theater whacking. Getting haulled to the clink for getting your jerk on in a porno theater? If you can’t do that why go to the theater? Assuming his weapon was unloaded he wouldn’t have been armed and dangerous anymore…

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