Bush Is Sorry, Finally…

The words “sorry” or “apologize” seem to be George Bush’s kryptonite. Today he finally managed to get the word “sorry” out of his mouth.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush apologized Thursday for the abuse and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers, saying the scenes of mistreatment had made Americans “sick to our stomachs.”

A day after he stopped short of apologizing, Bush told Jordan’s King Abdullah II: “I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners and the humiliation suffered by their families.

“I told him I was as equally sorry that people seeing those pictures didn’t understand the true nature and heart of America,” Bush said, standing in the Rose Garden alongside Abdullah.

The president’s statement went beyond his comment Wednesday that the abuse of prisoners was “abhorrent” and “does not represent the America that I know.”He vowed that “wrongdoers will be brought to justice.”

The day after he publicly rebuked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for failure to bring this issue to his attention, he rejected calls for Rumsfeld’s resignation. “He is an important part of my Cabinet and he will stay in my Cabinet,” Bush said.

The unspoken next line – “Unless of course I force him to tender his prewritten resignation letter.”

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