Adelphia Sucks, Part 1598…

Cable modem down.

Good news: Even with all the graphics Wizbang is not complete dogshit over 33.6 connection.

Bad news: Posting by me will be sporadic this evening.

Good news: Guest posters may step in.

I’d been meaning to explain the continued presence of Paul, Rodney, and Jay Tea. Sleep is still a precious commodity in our household as the baby just past the one month mark. I’ve asked Paul, Rodney, and Jay Tea to stay on and concentrate their efforts on the weekend. This doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally see a post from one of them during the week, or the I won’t post on the weekend.

Also thank you to Cranial Cavity and Modulator for linking to the Oprah post. That took me serveral hours (in between real work) to reseach and compose. The bang for the buck ratio, compared to say the Britney post, was a little depressing. I couldn’t even interest Mr. Daily Stern in it…

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Wizbang Exclusive! - Oprah's Indecency Fine


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