Airline Finds Loaded Gun On Plane

Good thing everyone got to the airport two hours early, waited in long screening lines, and were subject to unknown background checks…

WASHINGTON – An airline employee found a loaded 9mm handgun Monday lodged between the seats of a Continental Airlines flight after it landed at Newark airport, has learned.

The plane departed from Reagan National Airport Monday morning; Reagan National is the airport most used by Washington dignitaries due to its proximity to the Capitol.

The FBI was called in to investigate and determined the weapon, a 9mm Sig-Sauer, belonged to U.S. Secret Service agent, a source familiar with the investigation told The agent declared his carry-on weapon at Reagan before boarding and was the only armed agent on board, according to a federal security employee who asked to remain anonymous.Call me cold hearted, but a “gaffe” like this should end your career, period. If it’s so damn important that you carry a loaded weapon on a commercial flight, I’ve got no problem endorsing a career death penalty for you if you can’t remember to keep track of your weapon.

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