Nobody knows you like your neighbors…

Howie Carr has been a Boston fixture for years. He’s been, off and on, a newspaper reporter, TV reporter, newspaper columnist, and talk show host for the last 30 or so years ago. He’s of a decidedly conservative bent, but from the “fun” school of talk radio rather than the “angry” school (more Rush Limbaugh than Michael Savage). He’s been a huge pain in the sides (some say lower) to a LOT of Massachusetts politicians from the beginning, and John Kerry has not been immune. Carr hung the nickname “Liveshot” on him after seeing the umpteenth “live by satellite from Washington” interview with Boston TV stations.

Now that Kerry’s the presumptive Democratic nominee, Howie’s put together a hole page at Kerry Korner that has about six acres of dirt Howie’s dug up on Senator Gigolo over the past 30 years.

I dunno which I found more entertaining — the sound clips and signatures that show Kerry deliberately trying to remake himself as that OTHER Senator JFK from Massachusetts, the $600,000+ yacht (“Scaramouche”), the luxury $40,000,000+ jet (“The Flying Squirrel”), the $10,000 bicycle (to be named later)…


Update: I can’t seem to get the Kerry Korner direct link to work. Just go to and click on the Kerry Korner link.

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