More On Kerry

Rodney had the story of John Kerry’s bicycle spill a few posts down. Glenn Reynolds notes that there is a picture of Kerry on his bike (pre spill). Here’s the full size view:

Check out my fancy ride!

And what kind of bike would Senator Kerry be riding? A Serotta.

Never heard of a Serotta? That’s probably because the bike costs more than a used car!!!

I found this article at the Boston Herald about how we’re going to be seeing a lot of the
Kerry family’s deep pockets:

How much would you pay for a bicycle? Is seven grand too much?

Not as much as John Kerry [related, bio], I daresay, now that we know, thanks to a front-page story about his butler in The New York Times, that he owns a Serotta bike.

The Serotta, see, is custom-made, with the “holistic (whole-cyclist) approach to bicycle fittingUpdate: Wonkette says this picture may disprove the “big penis” meme. Of course he could claim it was unseasonably cold resulting in Costanza-like shrinkage…

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