MTP May 2, 2004

Since Kevin gave me a set of keys here at Wizbang, I’ve often posted my observations on that week’s Meet the Press. I started to do it this week but I was not sure it was worth it. Until I saw that Insta P said he was going to read the transcript.

So as a public service I’ll post the transcript just as I heard it.

Guest Kofi Annan

MR RUSSERT: Tell me why we should expect the United Nations to do anything to help in Iraq.

MR ANNAN: Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah.

MR RUSSERT: Mr. Annan, there is growing evidence that not only did you know about Saddam stealing billions from the oil for food program but you and your son both condoned it. What do you say to that?

MR ANNAN: Look Tim, behind that tree… A leprechaun. Did you see it?

That was followed by guest Joseph Wilson:

MR RUSSERT: Tell me how you know George Bush is so evil.

MR WILSON: I have a series of invisible friends throughout Washington, who the CIA and the Whitehouse are keeping files on. In the wake of 9/11, while executing the war in Afghanistan and preparing for a possible war in Iraq, the Whitehouse stopped all operations to compile a file on me and my invisible friends in case we crossed them later.

MR RUSSERT: Your critics would say you have been attacking this administration for years and that you are a strong supporter of the Kerry campaign.

MR WILSON: Yeah, so I’m a partisan hack who routinely has supported Democrats and opposed Republicans. The constitution gives me the right to be a hack. But that does not change the fact the George Bush is the Devil.

That was the sum total of what was to be heard on MTP today.

On a serious note however, Kofi Annan did say the most amazing thing:

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MR ANNAN: And let me say that initially the [oil for food] program started with the $2 billion per year for food and medication. And as you have indicated, the program achieved its core objective of ensuring that the Iraqi people do not starve. And, in fact, it improved the situation for children.

Malnutrition was cut and child mortality was cut, and we reached every home of the 25 million. So the core objective was achieved.

WOW! The Oil for Food program was a success! It reached every one of the 25 million homes huh? That must be news for many Iraqis. Apparently Mr. Annan never read the World Health Organization report in 1998 that said that 5,000 to 6,000 children died per month in Iraq due to malnutrition.

He also missed the August 1999 report for UNICEF that said, “The first surveys since 1991 of child and maternal mortality in Iraq reveal that in the heavily-populated southern and central parts of the country, children under five are dying at more than twice the rate they were ten years ago. UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said the findings reveal an ongoing humanitarian emergency.

That was 3 years after the program started and only 5 months before the Wall Street Journal reported that money from the Oil for Food program was going to Uday Hussein.

Kofi Annan is amazingly incompetent if not criminally liable.

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