More Torture, This Time It's The Brits

From the BBC:

The Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation into allegations that British soldiers have been pictured torturing an Iraqi prisoner. The photographs, obtained by the Daily Mirror newspaper, show a suspected thief being beaten and urinated on.

Downing Street swiftly condemned the pictures, echoing concerns it earlier expressed over images of Iraqi prisoners being abused by US troops.

Tony Blair’s official spokesman said this behaviour directly contravened the US-led coalition’s policy.

Later on Friday Downing Street responded to the pictures printed in the Mirror. A spokesman said: “We expect the highest standards of conduct from our forces in Iraq despite the difficulties they face.”

The UK’s top general, Sir Mike Jackson said if the allegations proved to be true, the members of the Queen’s Lancashire regiment, involved were not fit to wear the uniform.In light of the current torture scandal involving US troops, this latest revelation could build a groundswell for investigation into systemic deficiencies in the detention system in Iraq. If the US is looking to “internationalize” something, given the revelations, the prison systems seems like an excellent candidate.

Update: Kevin McGehee has a roundup of reaction posts to the incident involving US troops.

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