Kerry Making Dean Look Normal

Kerry dons the tin foil hat:

Kerry Says Bush’s ‘Pride’ Has Led to Failure in Iraq, Jobs

Continuing with his negative personal attacks against President George W. Bush during the 2004 presidential campaign, likely Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry told supporters on Wednesday that Bush’s “pride” has led to failure in Iraq and jobs.

Speaking on a live local broadcast at a campaign stop in Toledo, Ohio in front of 300 people, Kerry blasted Bush for being an illegitimately elected president in 2000 when he was “selected” by the U.S. Supreme Court.

When an elderly Democratic voter in the audience accused Vice President Dick Cheney of murdering women and children in Iraq for the sake of oil profits, Kerry responded by saying, “I know exactly where you’re coming from.”

Is it too early to declare that the Democrat Party has officially been overrun by kooks and nutburgers?

In tossing Dean, the Democrats tried to give the nomination to someone who was not part of the kook wing of the party. It’s beginning to look like they jumped out of the frying pan and landed back in the frying pan.

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