Its Called "Telegraphing Your Motives"

From Richard Johnson’s Page Six

The moral arbiters at the FCC have officially declared that Oprah Winfrey is free to describe oral and anal sex acts on air – but Howard Stern is not. Stern show regular Captain Janks phoned the shock jock yesterday to report that the FCC had sent him a response to his complaint about a recent “Oprah” episode in which an O! magazine editor graphically described the act of “tossing salad.” The FCC’s deep thinkers said: “We previously found that fleeting and isolated remarks of this nature do not warrant commission action because the complained-of material does not fall within the scope of the commission’s indecency prohibition. We reject the claims that this program content is indecent and we need not reach the second element of the indecency analysis.” But Stern was recently slapped with a $27,500 fine for a discussion that was remarkably similar to Oprah’s. An FCC aide then admitted to The Post that Oprah can cross the line with impunity because she is “beloved” while Stern can be persecuted at will because he’s “a lightening rod.”

The FCC shows it’s obvious bias, leaving a bread crumb trail for some brave judge to strike down the entire construct of the FCC’s indecency regulatory function as arbitrarily applied, and a violation of due process.

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