End Of Case

Absolute proof that the 9/11 commission “hearings” are nothing but grandstanding (on both sides). From the New York Post :

April 30, 2004 — In a stunning snub, two Democrats on the 9/11 commission yesterday abruptly walked out in the middle of the Oval Office interview with President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Both early-departing panelists, former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey and ex-Indiana Rep. Lee Hamilton, insisted they had prior commitments – but their sudden slip out the side door of the White House left

Washington and some fellow commission members in shock.

Kerrey dashed to handle a private business matter – lobbying Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) for more money for his employer, the New School University in Manhattan.

Hamilton bolted so that he could introduce the Canadian prime minister at a ceremonial event at the Woodrow Wilson Center, which employs Hamilton as its director.

“I was surprised,” fellow commission member James Thompson told The Post.If you ever see another complaint from the left about Bush “ducking” the commission, just point out that two Democratic members of the panel couldn’t be persuaded to stay for hour three of this “critical” session…

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